PCS Enhanced Services and Assistance in Response to the COVID-19 Crisis

COVID 19 PCS Enhanced Services Assistance

A Message from Crystal Musselman, Proven Compliance Solutions Inc.

AT PCS, we understand the challenges that many entities are facing to maintain the reliability of the BES during this time of social distancing, working from home, quarantine, and for many, sheltering in place.

As you know, PCS is a virtual organization with employees working from home offices throughout the U.S.  Everyone at PCS is healthy and we continue to perform our work from each of our offices.  With the exception of on-site engagements being postponed, we are conducting “business as usual” while supporting our families and communities where we can, and following the rules and/or orders set forth by each of our governors and those in authority that are working to stop the spread of COVID-19.

PCS wants to assure you that we remain fully staffed and available to support your needs for both NERC compliance and as you navigate changes to your work environment and the challenges that accompany those changes.  Although we know many of your work situations are temporary, we also know that the unknown length of time before things are back to normal can cause you concern and may be overwhelming at times.  We’re also aware that working from home during this time isn’t a typical experience right now.  Many of you have children out of school, other individuals in your household also working from home, stores and services closed, and not a lot of privacy.  PCS has been successfully operating a virtual company for ten years with excellent team members who have thrived in a home office environment.  We are happy to talk with you to help you make this temporary situation a positive experience.

I’ve included a list of our key NERC compliance services, along with some additional items that may be of interest to you.  Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or would like more information regarding these or other services you may need.

  • Continuation of current compliance program developments

  • Remote training and tabletop exercises

  • Remote Mock Audits/Gap Analyses

  • Continuation of compliance program management support services

  • Support for regional compliance monitoring activities and data submittals

  • FERC/NERC/Regional updates and PCS Standards Compliance Intelligence Portal (SCIP) updates for current subscribers

  • On-call support

  • Conversations and advice regarding home offices, managing workloads and assignments virtually, communication tools, expectations and accomplishing tasks in a home environment, and managing your time with all of the changes happening in response to the COVID-19 crisis

  • Operations or IT support activities outside of NERC tasks, such as COVID-19 Contingency Plans

  • Support as remote SMEs to augment possible staffing issues

If there is anything PCS can do to help you during this unpredictable time, please don’t hesitate to contact me via email at cmusselman@provencompliance.com or call me at 509.939.3946.  You can also contact our  Marketing Director, Dale Zahn at dzahn@provencompliance.com or at 262.436.4116 to discuss how we can be of help.


Crystal Musselman, President & CEO


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