ERO Portal and Application Support

Regulators have established compliance monitoring and enforcement methods that are used to perform their assigned oversight responsibilities. With the migration to the NERC ERO Portal for nearly all reporting and other compliance activities (i.e. Registration, CFRs, etc.), understanding the requirements and how each component of that portal works is critical. There are, however, tools and additional portals that regions will continue to use. PCS works with entities to navigate through the nuances of the NERC portal and regional sites/tools so that your compliance obligations are handled in a timely manner. PCS also offers assistance to entities with registration, CFRs, response preparation and guidance for self-certifications, self-reports, mitigation plans, Inherent Risk Surveys, spot checks, audits, and other compliance monitoring and enforcement related requests.


  • Understanding of the NERC ERO Portal and its components
  • Understanding how to navigate within the various portals
  • Portals change, PCS keeps current with access and entry into the regulatory portals to assist our clients submitting information to their regions
  • Guidance and assistance with responses