Cloud Program Development & Service Providers​

FERC has directed NERC to aggressively develop industry guidance and content for Entities regarding Cloud adoption. NERC has launched a multi-prong effort to meet that demand through modifying existing compliance standards and industry-focus groups.

PCS is actively involved with both efforts and is uniquely positioned to advise, consult and support Entities who are looking to get a head start on developing a compliance-driven Cloud strategy.

Starting in March 2020, PCS has partnered with IBM to research and develop a CIP-Compliant architecture for the energy industry. In January 2021, PCS and IBM launched a secure Proof of Concept, sponsored by IBM, as a demonstration project of the security and compliance controls that are in place, and provide requirements for further development.

To date, IBM is the only Cloud Service Provider (CSP) to successfully demonstrate that they do not have a ‘shared accountability’ model, and that Entities are the only ones with the keys, access and authority to manage their own Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) workspace.

Key Use Cases for Early Cloud Adoption:

  • Outage Management Systems
  • Training and Simulation Environments
  • Streaming Video Storage & Archival
  • Disaster Recovery Planning & Systems
  • System Backup & Recovery
  • Remote Workforce Enablement
  • Root-Cause Analysis & Modeling
  • On-demand Grid Analytics & Modeling

Ask PCS about IBM Cloud for Regulated Workloads and how our architecture is well positioned to enable your business, customers and stakeholders to take full advantage Cloud technologies while meeting your compliance requirements.


  • Develop strategy and compliance roadmap to align business goals
  • Coordinate IT and OT requirements to reduce alignment risk
  • Demonstrate cohesive planning to stakeholders for buy-in and funding
  • Facilitate cross-business workshops on requirements and goals

Cloud Services Provided

  • Executive Briefings
  • Develop Strategy roadmaps
  • Update compliance programs
  • Security controls reviews
  • Multi-Cloud Integration
  • Hybrid Cloud Solutions
  • OnPrem Cloud Extensions