Active Monitoring of FERC, NERC & Regional Development

The complexities of tracking the status of all entity applicable regulatory activities via email blasts, webinars, the NERC website and/or Regional websites is a resource-intensive activity that presents challenges and resource constraints to all entities. Lack of active monitoring may catch an entity off guard to emerging threats, new requirement obligations, enforcement dates, and audit approaches. PCS offers an effective and efficient solution that provides an entity with a tool to monitor and manage the constantly changing regulatory requirements that are applicable to its NERC registrations. Entities with a PCS Standard Compliance Intelligence Portal (SCIP) subscription no longer need to spend long hours retrieving necessary regulatory information. Subscriptions also include input from our PCS technical experts regarding the potential impact the information poses to the entity and provides recommendations for action where needed.


  • Effective & efficient solution for monitoring the constantly changing regulatory requirements​
  • Timesaving solution for keeping up-to-date with industry activities and standards development
  • Includes standards in development, revised standards, approved standards, industry news & much more
  • Color-coded records draw your attention to important or new items
  • All information is stored in an easy to use & down loadable format
  • SCIP includes all available content of new standards development, as well as any changes being made to existing standards.
  • PCS updates to SCIP include monthly changes in the regulatory environment, along with specific recommendations from PCS regarding compliance initiatives.
  • SCIP provides an entity with an efficient way to stay up-to-date with industry news and developments that only apply to its registrations, thereby simplifying how your organization manages compliance.