Standards Compliance Intelligence Portal - SCIP

Our Standards Compliance Intelligence Portal (SCIP) offers an effective and efficient solution to monitoring and managing the constantly changing regulatory requirements that are applicable to your NERC Registrations and applicable Region(s). From the beginning stages of new standards development, as well as any changes being made to existing standards, your login to SCIP will provide monthly changes in the regulatory environment and provide you with recommendations regarding compliance initiatives. SCIP provides an efficient way to stay up-to-date with industry news and developments that specifically apply to your registrations, simplifying how you manage compliance. SCIP is a user-friendly application developed and managed by the Reliability Compliance Professionals at PCS.


  • Pertinent details of FERC, NERC, and Regional Standards, whether under development or under enforcement, based on your entity’s regions, registrations, and CIP Impact Level
  • Content arranged by:
    • Entity Dashboard showing upcoming action dates and recent project updates
    • FERC Approved Projects
    • NERC Standards Developments
    • Regional Standards Developments
    • Archived Projects for Access to Historical Information
    • Industry News
    • Enforceable Standards
  • Each Standard’s details are outlined in an easy to read/digestible format including:
    • Enforcement Notes, Change Description, Action Dates, Impact & Recommendations (provided by a PCS SME), Affected Standards, and related links
  • Search & sort features under each tab
  • New and updated information is easily identified by highlighting
  • Export records from each tab to assist with internal tracking & reporting


  • Applicability: Content provided is based on your entity’s regions, registrations, and CIP Impact Level 
  • Professional Insight: Each Standard Under Development is reviewed by a Professional Subject Matter Expert on our team. The SME provides an Impact and Recommendation statement that is unique to your entity; and continues to do so as the Standard moves thru the approval process.
  • Key Industry Highlights: Additional relevant industry information can be found under the News tab; also specifically tailored to your entity based on region, registration, and CIP Impact Level.