Mock Audits & Gap Analyses

A mock audit will assist the entity in understanding what to expect during an actual audit engagement, allocate appropriate resources to the effort, and prepare their personnel. Gap analyses and mock audits performed by PCS are an excellent, objective evaluation that will assist in determining the condition and strength of an entity’s compliance program. On the Effective Date of a Reliability Standard, it becomes mandatory and enforceable, and applicable entities are responsible for compliance with the Requirements in the Reliability Standard. Internal compliance monitoring is a vital component for an entity to understand the current condition and possible gaps in its program. Due to the technical nature of compliance requirements, an entity can fall out of compliance quite easily. If left undetected, the reliability risk exposure to the bulk power system and the entity’s operating and financial risk exposure due to a requirement violation can exponentially increase each day. PCS can assist entities by providing a periodic mock audit or gap analysis designed to identify and address any gaps in the entity’s compliance approach and evidence. A PCS mock audit offers a formal internal on-site (remote, if needed) and off-site experience that evaluates the entity’s audit approach, evidence, and its Subject Matter Experts’ (SME) knowledge and interview capabilities. PCS mock audits are a more comprehensive monitoring approach and designed to simulate an actual audit engagement.


  • Prepared Subject Matter Experts
  • Determination of current compliance posture
  • Understanding NERC and Regional expectations
  • Provides practice for completion of the NERC ERT, data request responses, and interview experience