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NERC Reliability Standards Compliance

At Proven Compliance Solutions Inc. (PCS), we offer our clients an extensive range of consulting services to help them comply with the North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC) Reliability Standards requirements. Having staff that has been in the industry for several decades has helped us gain extensive knowledge and expertise to offer the best compliance solutions. Our clients appreciate our unique approach to developing and successfully implementing Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP) and Operations & Planning (O&P) NERC compliance programs at affordable prices.

Our NERC compliance software plays a crucial role in ensuring that organizations align their processes and practices with the NERC standards, reducing the risk of regulatory penalties.

Moreover, our NERC CIP compliance software streamlines your organisational operation.

Additionally, we help automate routine tasks associated with documentation, reporting, and monitoring, which makes NERC CIP audits smoother.

Our team of industry experts, former compliance program managers, and former NERC & WECC CIP auditors have contributed to forming a great company and helped us achieve an enviable reputation in the industry.

Proven Compliance Solutions
NERC Reliability Standards

Understanding NERC Compliance Challenges

The NERC Reliability Standards focus the security and reliability of the Bulk Power System (BPS). Since the NERC Reliability Standards are developed and revised on a continuous basis, entities that are required to comply with the Standards face many challenges such as:

  • Keeping up to date with the ever-evolving Standards development projects
  • Developing an Internal Compliance Program that can easily be implemented and managed
  • Understanding evidence retention
  • Identifying Internal Controls
  • Responding to Regional CMEP monitoring activities

Innovative Solutions for NERC Compliance

To assist our clients with the many challenges associated with NERC Reliability Standards compliance, PCS offers an array of services and innovative solutions, including the Standards Compliance Intelligence Portal (SCIP) for tracking NERC Standards development. Based on our clients’ unique requirements, we develop NERC O&P and CIP high/medium/low impact compliance programs. In addition, we offer mock audits, gap analyses, and audit support activities to name a few.

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Proven Compliance Solutions

…is a team of highly qualified subject
matter experts, former regulators,
compliance officers/managers,
software and IT specialists.

…offers extensive and diverse electric
utility experience in both O&P and CIP
and who are passionate about helping
entities manage the ever-increasing burden
of regulatory Reliability Compliance.

…assists organizations with reducing
the complexity and cutting the cost
of compliance.

Our responsiveness to our clients and their needs is our top priority. Each project has an assigned Project Manager who works directly with the client lead, assures everything is on track, and is the main point of contact for coordination of the project.
We have an extensive background and knowledge gained by working in the field of Reliability Standards compliance since and even before they became mandatory and enforceable by the initial FERC Orders. Using that knowledge, we have developed and successfully implemented both O&P NERC compliance programs, as well as full NERC CIP High/Medium and Low Impact Compliance Programs from the ground up. The quality, content, and organization of our work product, along with the qualifications and experience of our staff is unsurpassed.
Unique Experience
Our team is unique in that we have extensive expertise from both sides of the audit table, as well as in the implementation and management of NERC compliance programs. The PCS team includes a former NERC auditor, a former WECC CIP auditor, and five former compliance program managers, and a track record of excellence in Regional audits that sets us apart. The PCS staff has been in the business of program development and implementation, technical procedure writing, staff training, and mock audit/gap analysis projects since the inception of NERC mandatory compliance.
The Compliance Programs developed by PCS have not only passed audit scrutiny, they have been acknowledged by Regional Auditors during client audits for their superior quality. Many auditors now recognize PCS’ work when conducting compliance audits. Our track record for audit and other compliance monitoring outcomes for our clients is exceptional. For all of the gap analyses, mock audits, and audit support activities conducted by PCS, there has never been an audit finding by a Regional Entity that was not already identified by PCS. Our understanding of the Regional audit approaches and focus is second to none.
PCS has built a reputation of excellence. Compliance professionals regularly recommend PCS to their colleagues for our NERC compliance consulting services, including large CIP projects. For example, PCS was contacted to update and develop an effective High/Medium Impact CIP program by one of the largest entities in North America after hearing about our team’s experience and quality of services from industry peers.Engaging the organization’s leads and SMEs, taking the time to understand their operations, focusing the effort on making the program theirs, and helping them understand their roles are important keys to success that are included in the PCS process.

What Our Customers Are Saying ​

"I have been using PCS to help manage my NERC Program since 2017. PCS has always been extremely responsive to the stations changing needs since then. The level of knowledge is of great comfort to me as I have full trust that the task at hand will be handled professionally and correctly every time."

Jeffrey R. Marrs

Plant Engineer, Salem Harbor Station

"Provo Power has greatly benefited from our long relationship with PCS. As our compliance needs have grown and changed, PCS has been there to guide us through them. Having a strong working relationship with our compliance partners gives us the peace of mind to know that we are never alone, and nothing is out of reach."

Michal Czarnecki

Provo Power

"They been extremely helpful, thorough and patient. Their availability is top notch and very accommodating. Very knowledgeable and if unsure of something they research to find the correct answer or action needed. I’m very satisfied with their services and would like to continue the relationship for next year.”

Confidential Client

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