Monthly Compliance Program Management & On-Call Support – Summary

Often times, an entity may not have the technical expertise internally to fully understand and develop the approach needed to comply with a given regulatory requirement, or an entity may simply wish to use an objective external third party to answer questions, provide guidance and advice in matters involving satisfaction of the entity’s regulatory obligations. Whatever the need may be, PCS Monthly Program Management and on-call support services provides the entity with years of seasoned technical expertise from our experienced PCS professionals on all matters related to compliance management, critical infrastructure protection, and operations and planning activities. For our Monthly Compliance Program Management, PCS is flexible in the services we provide to assure you receive the necessary support. These services may include, but is not limited to, providing the following as called upon:


  • Internal Compliance Program Management Support
  • Annual Procedure Review
  • Self-Certification Support and Submittal
  • Spot Check Support
  • Periodic Data Submittal Support
  • Annual RSAW Review and Updating
  • RSAW Development for New Standards and Requirements
  • Annual Updates of Training and Awareness Modules
  • Internal Controls Assessment/Development
  • Interface with the Regions and NERC
  • Monitor/Participate in Industry Meetings
  • NERC and Regional Portal Support
  • NERC Alerts Support