Compliance Program Development

The Energy Policy Act of 2005 requires that FERC approve and enforce standards to protect and improve the reliability of the nation’s Bulk Power System. Under this statutory framework, standards are proposed by an Electric Reliability Organization (ERO), a function currently filled by the North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC). NERC further delegates compliance monitoring and enforcement authority to various regional entities. Mandatory compliance with the first set of standards approved by FERC came into effect on June 18, 2007. As of the date of its NERC registration, Entities must comply with all requirements of the FERC-approved Reliability Standards applicable to its current registered functions. Development of an Entity’s Compliance Program helps ensure that it is incorporating the Standard Requirements into its operational practices and thereby can produce evidence to show compliance with the NERC Reliability Standards. PCS believes that a comprehensive program should include both the operational aspects of the entity or site, as well as the compliance aspects, so that personnel can do their jobs and generate the needed documentation to prove compliance in a streamlined manner. We develop programs that reflect actual operations and not a canned set of documents that simply mimic the language of the Standards. Our approach is concise and organized so that the user of the program knows where to look for roles and responsibilities, specific tasks, required training, documentation retention, and much more. PCS can develop a customized program for your entity that will reflect your operations and assist your personnel in monitoring, maintaining, and managing NERC Reliability Standards compliance.


  • Customized to your registered functions
  • A program that reflects both operations and compliance
  • A comprehensive, well organized, and easy to follow program
  • Demonstrates that the Leadership Team of a Registered Entity is supportive of NERC compliance efforts
  • Defines responsibilities