Proven Compliance Solutions Inc. Instructing at the October 2019 EUCI NERC Courses

EUCI Courses October 2019

Proven Compliance Solutions Inc. (PCS) is pleased to announce that Ryan Carlson, CISSP-PSP and Mitchell E. Needham, P.E. will be the instructors for the EUCI “NERC Fundamentals and Compliance” and “NERC Critical Infrastructure Protection” courses in Atlanta, Georgia on October 15-17, 2019.

Understanding how to comply with the NERC Reliability Standards often creates anxiety for many newcomers, as companies hire them into new operational environments where the expectation also includes the application of compliance protocols. Likewise, personnel who have been in the compliance arena for some time can also experience anxiety because the rules are constantly changing, and their concerns heighten over missing those changes and/or knowing how to apply them. Ryan and Mitchell bring an extensive history of the industry and both NERC CIP and O&P compliance knowledge to these classes. Understanding and instructing on the interpretation of the standards, vetted by years of real-time operations and compliance work and successful regional audits strengthens Ryan’s and Mitchell’s ability to help attendees understand best practice methods for accomplishing their work effectively and efficiently.

Ryan has over 25 years of experience in Cyber Security, IT project management, network system engineering, and network/server system administration. His career has been devoted exclusively to assisting clients with their NERC Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP) compliance program needs since 2008. Ryan has conducted hundreds of CIP mock audit/gap analysis projects over the last 10 years and participated in dozens of regional CIP audits as an expert advisor, observer, and embedded Subject Matter Expert. He is actively involved in monitoring the CIP Standards development process by monitoring/attending NERC Critical Infrastructure Protection Committee (CIPC) meetings, as well as numerous NERC/regional CIP user group meetings and conferences. Ryan is an active member of the NERC CIPC Compliance Input Working Group (CEIWG) and the NERC Supply Chain Working Group. He is a Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) and Physical Security Professional (PSP) and holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics, International Relations and Marketing from the University of Minnesota.

Mitchell’s industry experience spans over 40 years in the electric power industry, including 28 years with the Tennessee Valley Authority prior to working for NERC. He is a former NERC Readiness Auditor and Regional Compliance Oversight Liaison for two NERC Regions and received NERC and FERC training in reliability compliance auditing. He has extensive experience conducting mock audits of BES O&P Reliability Standards with specific expertise in protective relays, process development, power system operations, reliability benchmarking, and compliance management. Mitchell is a registered Professional Engineer in the State of Tennessee and holds a Master of Science Degree in Electrical Engineering (University of Tennessee – Chattanooga), and a Bachelor of Science Degree in Electrical Engineering (University of Tennessee – Knoxville).

PCS has provided training instructors for EUCI classes since 2018 and encourages industry leaders to consider the value these classes can add to their personnel. PCS also provides NERC training directly to organizations and can tailor the training, as required, to achieve the most benefit for your organization.

PCS NERC Compliance Consulting Services has an unsurpassed track record in Regional NERC Audit success. Whether your need for support is in the area of Operations and Planning Standards or Critical Infrastructure Protection Standards for your Utility, Generation Facility, Solar Facility or Wind Facility, PCS provides the technical expertise and program management support you desire. PCS delivers compliance interpretations based on extensive auditing experience, coupled with programs and processes that provide you confidence in the compliance status of your organization.

To sign up for these classes visit WWW.EUCI.COM.

For information on how PCS can support your organization’s NERC Reliability Standards compliance needs, please contact Dale Zahn at (262) 436-4116 or visit our website at #NERCcompliance #NERC #criticalinfrastructureprotection #weccreliability #SPPorg #ReliabilityFirst #Texas_RE_Inc


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