The Rapid Growth of Battery Storage & the U.S. Electricity Grid

Battery Storage

The California ISO (CAISO) recently released an article discussing the rapid growth of battery energy storage systems (BESS) and how its staff is prepared for future operational challenges.  With the rapid growth of BESS to the Bulk Power System, the addition of much needed flexibility during the ongoing transition from base load to more intermittent generation has provided both reliability and economic benefits.  This technology is likely to change the rules for operating the grid, and the industry is recognizing the need to address what needs to be codified to address the unique capabilities of these resources.

In March 2021, the NERC Reliability and Security Technical Committee (RSTC), through its subcommittees and working groups, published the Performance, Modeling, and Simulations of BPS-Connected Battery Energy Storage Systems and Hybrid Power Plants Reliability Guideline.  The target audience of the guidance document are asset owners and developers of BESS and hybrid power plants seeking interconnection to the Bulk Power System.  The document also defines hybrid power plants, or hybrid resources, as generating resources that comprise of “multiple generation or energy storage technologies controlled as a single entity and operated as a single resource behind a single point of interconnection (POI).”  In most cases, a hybrid resource is the combination of renewable generation (solar photovoltaic or wind) and BESS.  Recommendations within the document detail enhancements and improvements to facility performance, analysis, and modeling of the unique operational capabilities provided by BESS and hybrid resources.

Several other NERC initiatives, coupled with the development of the Institute of Electronic and Electrical Engineering (IEEE) Standard 1547-2018 and ongoing projects P2800, P2800.1, and P2800.2, are also underway focusing on BPS-connected inverter-based resources and distributed energy resources (DER).  The scope of these initiatives includes documenting the operational capability requirements and recommended test and verification practices necessary for voltage and frequency ride-through operations, active and reactive power control, dynamic active power and voltage support under abnormal frequency conditions, and system protection.

Proven Compliance Solutions Inc. (PCS) is working with clients that are building battery energy storage systems and has been developing NERC reliability compliance programs that address both Operations & Planning and Critical Infrastructure Protection standards.  We continually monitor activities associated with BESS and are staying up to date with the initiatives noted above.

PCS has been providing NERC Reliability Standards compliance consulting services for over a decade and have been at the forefront of helping our clients achieve success in the development of solid Reliability Compliance Programs.  We have clients from numerous NERC functional registrations, organizational sizes, and varying business models.  Many of these clients have inverter-based resources that encompass all or the majority of the clients’ generation resource mix.  We provide a variety of compliance consulting services to these clients, including program and RSAW development, training, mock audits, audit support, and compliance program support.

Keeping up to date on compliance responsibilities and activities associated with NERC Reliability Standards can be an overwhelming task for many organizations.  Having resources to monitor standards activities and support your program can definitely alleviate your stress with these activities.  PCS offers our Standards Compliance Intelligence Portal (SCIP), an effective and efficient solution that provides you and your team a tool to monitor and manage the constantly changing regulatory requirements that are applicable to your NERC functional registrations.  SCIP is a user-friendly application developed and managed by the Reliability Compliance professionals at PCS.

For more information on how we can assist your organization with its NERC compliance needs, contact Dale Zahn at or (509) 504-5496.  To learn more about Proven Compliance Solutions Inc., visit our website at


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