Meet SCIP – Standards Compliance Intelligence Portal


Managing industry updates from NERC and the Regions can be a time-consuming effort. Let Proven Compliance Solutions Inc. (PCS) do the work for you with a subscription to our Standards Compliance Intelligence Portal (SCIP), an effective and efficient solution that provides you and your team with a tool to monitor and manage the constantly changing regulatory requirements that are applicable to your NERC registrations. SCIP is a user-friendly application developed and managed by the Reliability Compliance professionals at PCS.

SCIP includes all available content of new standards development, as well as any changes being made to existing standards. PCS updates to SCIP include monthly changes in the regulatory environment, along with specific recommendations from our Subject Matter Experts regarding your entity’s compliance initiatives.

In addition, SCIP is a timesaving way to stay up-to-date with industry news and developments that only apply to your registrations, thereby simplifying how your organization manages compliance.

SCIP content includes the following categories and resources:

SCIP content includes the following categories and resources:

Entity Dashboard showing action dates and project updates made in the last 30 days

FERC Approved Projects

NERC Standards Developments

Regional Standards Developments

Archived Projects for Access to Historical Information

Industry News, meetings, workshops and outreach

Enforceable Standards, including requirement language, measures, VRFs, VSLs, penalty ranges, links to the standard documents, implementation plans, RSAWs, Regional criteria, and guidance documents

Content of the Approved Projects and Standards Development include:

Effective and other pertinent dates

Enforcement notes, descriptions of changes, action dates, impacts and recommendations by PCS, and links to orders, reports, guidance documents, implementation plans, and webinars

Content from SCIP can be exported as an Excel file or a CSV file

We provide SCIP demonstrations at no-cost to you and your team, as well as ongoing user training as needed.

To schedule your no-obligation demonstration, email Dale Zahn at, call us at 262.436.4116, or use this contact form and we’ll reach out to you. For more information about PCS, visit our website at


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