Introducing Cloud Program Development

Cloud Program Development

Proven Compliance Solutions Inc. (PCS) is excited to announce that we have partnered with IBM to bring a proven, securable, and compliance-capable Cloud architecture to the Energy and Utility Industries.  We know that selecting the right NERC CIP Compliance partner is as important as choosing the right Cloud Service Provider (CSP).

Today, there are several CSPs to choose from, but what are your business and operational requirements?  We understand that utility clients need 100% confidence and control of their assets, information, and compliance.  Of all the cloud models available, Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) is the only model that has the potential to guarantee that level of transparency.  Selecting the right CSP is essential in meeting your performance, reliability, security, and NERC CIP compliance objectives.

PCS has evaluated the top CSPs against the NERC Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP) Standards and believes there is only one CSP that provides the security controls necessary to meet and exceed the current and upcoming CIP Standards.  We selected IBM, and specifically their Cloud for Regulated Workloads, as the only CSP that can future-proof a current cloud implementation. Additionally, IBM is the only CSP with a true non-shared accountability model secured by a FIPS-140-2 Level 4 logical isolation.  Implementing a secure and CIP compliant cloud architecture is essential, but being able to demonstrate that all security objectives have been met at audit is just as important for a sustainable implementation.  PCS believes that IBM’s Cloud for Regulated Workloads environment is the only cloud solution that can currently achieve both objectives.

PCS and IBM have collaborated for months on a Proof-of-Concept architecture that demonstrates regulatory controls from several contemporary standards, including FedRAMP and NERC CIP.  Based on those findings and demonstrated security posture, PCS can represent and support utilities on developing their adoption roadmap.  Before making the move to place BES Cyber System Information (BCSI) or BES Cyber Systems (BCS) in the cloud, entities should consider a non-CIP IaaS pilot as an initial onramp in exploring a regulated workload cloud environment.  Operational support systems like GIS, OMS, EMS training systems, and service ticket management are excellent applications to pilot in this environment.

Please check out our Cloud Program Development page, specifically the Benefits and Cloud Services Provided and the Key Use Cases for Early Cloud Adoption.  We want to hear about your requirements and how your business can benefit from PCS’ industry expertise and IBM’s secure cloud framework for Regulated Workloads.  We are offering complimentary one-hour discovery meetings with our Senior Cloud Security Architect to discuss your current architecture and future goals or requirements.  Contact us using this link or call (509) 504-5431 to schedule a discovery meeting with you and your team.


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