PCS NERC O&P and CIP Compliance Program Management – A Cost-Effective Solution

Compliance Program Management Cost Effective Solutions

Finding, hiring, and maintaining qualified NERC compliance program managers is increasingly difficult. In many cases, entities are simply adding the compliance duties to a current employee’s responsibilities, reducing their effectiveness in both roles. If you are currently looking to:

Hire a fulltime NERC compliance person, whether a Program Manager or Subject Matter Expert (SME)

Create or grow a NERC compliance department

Train an individual in NERC compliance program management

Or, just looking for alternatives

Please consider the following:

Often costing less than the fully loaded rate of a single qualified full-time compliance person, Proven Compliance Solutions Inc. can leverage its expertise and experience to successfully support the management of your NERC/Regional compliance program. Beyond providing a program manager, PCS brings a team of highly qualified industry experts to your program. PCS is flexible in the services we provide to assure you receive the necessary support. Cooperation and input from your Subject Matter Experts is essential for successfully managing the compliance program. PCS compliance management support may include, but is not limited to, providing the following as called upon:

Internal Compliance Program Management Support

Annual Procedure Review

Self-Certification Support and Submittal

Spot Check Support

Periodic Data Submittal Support

Annual RSAW Review and Updating

RSAW Development for New Standards and Requirements

Annual Updates of Training and Awareness Modules

Internal Controls Assessment/Development

Interface with the Regions and NERC

Monitor/Participate in Industry Meetings

NERC and Regional Portal Support

NERC Alerts Support

Monthly Update Calls with Management and Site Staff, if requested

General Compliance Questions/Calls

Incident/Event Review & Advice

Other Support Services as Reasonably Requested

For information on how we can assist you with your organization’s NERC Reliability Standards compliance needs, please contact Dale Zahn at (262) 436-4116 or visit our website at www.provencompliance.com.


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