2022 NERC Compliance Audits Focus on CIP ERT and Internal Controls

Key Factors When Preparing for Your 2022 NERC/Regional Audit

Entities scheduled for NERC Audits in 2022 may have already received notification from the Regional Entity to begin the audit process.  Proven Compliance Solutions Inc. (PCS) continues to be an industry leader in supporting entities in preparing for their upcoming audits and has assisted multiple clients with the completion of the CIP Evidence Request Tool (ERT).

CIP Evidence Request Tool

PCS has observed that Entities scheduled for Regional audits have received their ERT up to 180 days ahead of their scheduled audit.  Although the ERT has been around for a few years, for many entities this will be their first experience at completing the spreadsheets.

  • PCS has assisted numerous entities in understanding the ERT and preparing their responses. In each case, we have provided both initial training on understanding and navigating the ERT document, followed by support to help populate and/or review the information entered by the client.
  • If engaged with PCS in a mock audit, we also use the ERT to help ensure the client experience closely matches the Regional audit.

Internal Controls

NERC has increased its focus regarding the identification of Internal Controls as part of the Regional audit process.  Part of proving compliance is to demonstrate you have Internal Controls in place to ensure you are compliant and remain compliant with the Standard Requirements.

  • PCS has assisted Entities in identifying and/or developing Internal Controls associated with their compliance to the Reliability Standards.
  • We take the approach of “keep it simple”; the more complicated you make your Internal Controls, the harder it is to manage and maintain them.

For more information on how we can assist your organization with its NERC Reliability Standards compliance needs, contact Dale Zahn at (509) 504-5496.  To learn more about PCS, visit our website at www.provencompliance.com.


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