PCS Celebrates Ten Years of Providing Exceptional NERC Consulting Services

Celebrating Ten Years

The team at Proven Compliance Solutions Inc. (PCS) is celebrating its ten year milestone anniversary as a nationwide NERC Reliability Standards Compliance Consulting Services firm. With their extensive knowledge and experience in the power industry and managing NERC Reliability Standards compliance, PCS owners Crystal Musselman, Francis Esselman, Mitchell Needham, and Ryan Carlson established PCS on July 2, 2010, with the purpose and goal of providing exceptional services and sound advice. Joining them on that same day were colleagues Dale Zahn and Anita Swanson. These six individual are proud to be the foundation of the decade of success being celebrated by PCS.

Crystal Musselman, President and CEO reflected on the history of PCS stating,

“I take great pride in the company we have built and the excellent team of individuals that are an integral part of our firm. One of our first projects was to provide technical writing and collaborate with Subject Matter Experts at a large ISO to rewrite their NERC compliance program. From that very first project, we firmly established and have maintained a reputation as one of the leading consulting firms for both Operations and Planning (O&P) and Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP) Reliability Standards compliance.”

Francis Esselman, Vice President and Managing Partner noted,

“As a matter of fact, that program and PCS’ concept and approach that compliance documentation and evidence should reflect actual operations is still being used by that ISO today. We’ve continued to use this approach and have received positive feedback and recognition by several Regional Auditors for the compliance programs that we have written.”

Since that first engagement, PCS has managed over 500 projects that have served the compliance needs of more than 150 industry clients throughout the U.S. and Canada. Many of those clients continue to request services, as well as refer PCS to their colleagues on a regular basis.

Building strong and lasting relationships with its clients, regional authorities, NERC, and FERC has been a leading factor in the success of PCS. Looking at the best interest of each and every client, helping them succeed by sharing knowledge and experience, and always looking for what is best for the client and what will give them the most value is the foundation of the PCS business model. Mitchell Needham, Vice President of NERC Consultation Services shared his vision when starting PCS.

“As a former NERC Auditor, I wanted to use my experience to help entities achieve compliance and have a positive audit experience. Building exceptional programs and providing education on the proper and efficient way to achieve compliance has been a very positive experience for all of us. As noted by my colleague, Francis Esselman, many Regional Auditors have commented on the programs developed by PCS, indicating they recognize our excellent work and assistance to our clients.”

Over the last ten years, PCS has also developed solutions and tools to help its clients track and manage their compliance programs. Two notable accomplishments include the PCS Compliance Program Management Services and the Standards Compliance Intelligence Portal (SCIP), both customized to meet the client’s needs. Ryan Carlson, Vice President of Critical Infrastructure Protection Services stated,

“Providing solutions and easing the impact of the constantly changing regulatory environment has been at the forefront of our development process. We continue to look for ways to expedite compliance activities and enhance our services based on regulatory changes, industry committee participation, continuing education and client needs. We’re very pleased with our team’s achievements in these areas and the positive feedback we’ve received.”

PCS looks forward to many more anniversary celebrations of providing exceptional services and sound advice as it continues to be a leader in NERC Reliability Standards Consulting Services. For information on what PCS can do for your organization, contact Dale Zahn at dzahn@provencompliance.com or (262) 436-4116. You can also visit the PCS website at www.provencompliance.com.


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