Vice President & Managing Partner

Francis Esselman


  • Over 44 years of industry experience in plant operations, BES System Operation & Management
  • Serves on the Board of Directors and the Executive team at PCS and technical advisor for Internal Controls projects within PCS.
  • Managed forward operations engineering at American Transmission Co. & involved in most every aspect of transmission operations, operations planning, & transmission interconnection processes
  • Industry leader in the operating and system restoration-blackstart areas, including Vice Chair of NERC System Restoration SDT and member of the NERC Real Time Tools Best Practices study group
  • NERC Standards Efficiency Review (SER) Team
  • Former NERC-Certified System Operator (RC accreditation)
  • Co-Author, Averting Grid Collapse – System Control and Restoration in Emergency Conditions
  • IEEE Power & Energy July August 2004 Vol. 2 Number 4


  • NERC O&P & CIP Mock Audits, Gap Analyses, & Assessments
  • Documentation & Evidence Evaluation
  • Procedure and Policy Development
  • RSAW Development
  • Compliance Program Management
  • SME Coaching/Training
  • Monitoring NERC & Regional Activities
  • Internal Controls